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Buy Used Canoes

The majority of our used canoe/kayak inventory becomes available in June when canoe season is typically drawing to a close (late June / early July).

As a general rule, the price of used canoes starts somewhere around $500+tax, which gets you a boat that, if taken care of (meaning, kept in dry storage and not drug around along with 1,000 lbs of gear across a rocky shoal), can last for many years to come.  Naturally, the more you pay for a boat, the less wear and tear it has seen and the longer it should last.  In comparison, new canoes (which we also have available) are around $1,500+tax.

A used canoe is something you have to select in person, as each one has its unique personality.  So, give us a call to make sure we have used inventory and, if so, then plan a trip to Ponca to size them up for yourself.  While here, our river staff will be happy to help you with selecting a boat that's right for your type of adventures and budget.

We also have a nice inventory of NEW Jackson kayaks for sale, including the new Cuda fishing boat!