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Ponca Creek Lodge To say we are excited about our recent purchase of Cedar Crest Lodge & Cabin---a beautiful rental property located in the heart of Ponca---is an understatement!

This past winter, when the opportunity arose to add this marvelous lodge and adjacent cabin to our adventure resort, we knew our guests would be as elated as we were.  Cedar Crest's architectural beauty and picturesque creekside setting make it one of the most unique lodges not only in Arkansas, but in mid-America!  In fact, the creekside feature is so lovely, we couldn't resist giving the lodge a brand new name:  Ponca Creek Lodge.  

This new lodge rental addition now gives BOC guests two group lodge rental options from which to choose---Ponca Creek Lodge, shown here, and RiverWind Lodge, our mountain-top lodge with a big 30-mile view across the upper Buffalo River wilderness.

Whether you're planning a special getaway with friends or family or a special event such as a wedding or corporate retreat, Ponca Creek Lodge features exquisite entertainment, dining and sleeping spaces, not to mention spacious outdoor decks and a beautiful footbridge spanning Ponca Creek.  To learn more, visit our Ponca Creek Lodge web page!


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