Waterfalls to See Near the Buffalo National River

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What’s more scenic than a walk or hike near the Buffalo National River? Especially if you can see a waterfall or two along the way!

No matter the season or the weather, seeing a waterfall always feels like a special treat. If you’re visiting the Buffalo National River, you can definitely go chasing these majestic waterfalls:

Eden Falls

One of the most popular hiking trails in Arkansas has a surprise up its sleeve —  a magnificent waterfall! Lost Valley trail has everything that makes a walk in the woods worthwhile. From a natural bridge, high bluffs, beautiful woods, and nature to a rushing cascade.

Hiking with a view has never been more enjoyable than on this walking trail that also has a lovely section with wheelchair access. Take your time and enjoy the surroundings for the two hours it typically takes to complete this relatively easy hike.

Hideout Hollow Trail

Seeking another high drop? Hideout Hollow Trail leads you to one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Buffalo River country. Walking the trail, you will find rugged cliffs and lush greenery, but the highlight is the waterfall with more than a 50-foot drop.

While this waterfall is breathtaking year-round, if you visit in the springtime it will be at its finest. The seasonal rainfall causes an incredible cascade that you shouldn’t miss. April and May are an especially beautiful time to visit since you will see the wildflowers and flowering mountain azalea that bloom along the bluffline.

Twin Falls

If you want a spectacular view of more than one waterfall, Twin Falls Trails is where you should visit next. However, its name is misleading. There are not two falls at this location, but rather THREE cascades when the weather is right.

This is hands down one of the most beautiful waterfall trails in Buffalo National Park, but it’s important to note that all three only flow when the conditions are right. Try to come in the springtime or after some rainfall for the best waterfall action.

Hemmed-In Hollow

Hemmed-In Hollow offers adventurous and experienced explorers a more strenuous hike that can be accessed year-round from the Compton Trailhead. However, if you visit during the floating season (March-June), you can access the river trail that makes the trip a moderate ⅓-mile moderate hike instead of a five-mile trek.

The waterfall’s flow depends on the season, but no matter when you plan a hike you’re in for a treat. Don’t pass up the chance to stand behind the waterfall and view the swirling cascade. The wind currents in the geologically stunning box canyon move the flow of the water around like a curtain in a breeze. This natural phenomenon is best observed when the water isn’t gushing, so don’t worry if rain has been scarce in the days leading up to your adventure.

Glory Hole Trail

Another moderate hike is the Glory Hole Trail. Located in the Ozark National Forest in the Buffalo Rivers headwaters area, the trail is just under two miles round trip making it perfect for the entire family. An added bonus is that it’s pet-friendly!

The highlight of the trail is a beautiful cascade of water that pours through a large hole in the limestone bedrock of a creek. You can even walk behind it for a one-of-a-kind view! The very walkable trail and spectacular scenery make this a perfect spot for a picnic lunch — just remember to leave no trace!

There are plenty of waterfall trails in Buffalo National country to choose from. When it comes time for your next adventure, make sure to check out our recommendations for waterfall trails to explore.

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