250-Ft Tall Hemmed-In Hollow7.6-Miles / Requires Car Shuttle:  Want a grand-slam hike that takes in some of the best scenery the entire Buffalo National River has to offer?  Then this all-day hike from Compton Trailhead to Centerpoint Trailhead (or vice versa) may just be the home run you're swingin' for.

On this hike, you'll be able to visit:

  • Big Bluff
  • Jim Bluff along the river
  • Granny Henderson's cabin
  • Sneed's Creek
  • Hemmed-In Hollow

All in one big 8-hour day of adventure! 

The idea is to start at one trailhead and end at the other.  We like starting at Compton as the uphill grade out of Centerpoint is a bit kinder to the lungs and legs than the climb out of Hemmed-In Hollow up to the Compton trailhead!

If you're in one car, you'll need it shuttled to the take-out trailhead while you're hiking.  This shuttle is $40.  If you have two cars, then you can run you're own shuttle, providing everyone can fit in one vehicle at trail's end for the ride back to the starting point.

This is a hike for folks who can physically handle all day on the trail.  Older children (say, age 11+) may also be able to join in the fun, but they will need to be able to keep up a steady pace all day long, plus, most likely help pack the water bottles and lunch/snacks they'll require.  

We recommend investing in a Trails Illustrated Buffalo River Map (West Half) and taking it along with you.  It will help you be more sure of where you're at and how far you have to go, rather than just busting out without a solid feel for the lay of the land or how the trails all come together (or don't, as the case may be).  We have them for sale in our store for $13.95+tax.  

You can call us at 870-861-5514 to prearrange your shuttle.  You can even pre-purchase the aforementioned trail map and we'll mail it to you for an additional $5 to cover shipping.

First time to see some of the places mentioned above?  Check out these links to Big Bluff and Hemmed-In-Hollow for a taste of what you'll find on this terrific full day in Buffalo River country!


This hike makes for a great overnight trip, which allows you to really take your time exploring these special Buffalo River places.

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