Ceremony Vows

Need someone to officiate at your wedding?  Our very own Tony Harlan or Mike Mills can be of assistance.  Reach out to one of them by email and get started planning your special intimate Buffalo River wedding ceremony!  


Rhonda Mills | Photography

When Rhonda has a camera in hand, her greatest joy is capturing the beauty of true love surrounded by the splendor of the Buffalo River.  She'll tell you there's no finer backdrop for a wedding---or any other portrait, for that matter---than the river...a waterfall...a trail...even a rustic historic church in the Boxley Valley. 

To contact Rhonda, call her at 870-416-8774 or email her at

Portfolio Samples

Pillows Steel Creek Portrait

Jody & Tyler


Buffalo River Foundation

Join us in supporting the Buffalo River Foundation's work to protect and preserve the water quality and timeless beauty of America's First National River