Feb 20, 2017 | 7:00 AM:  The water level on the upper Buffalo National River at Ponca is presently at 2.49 feet on the USGS gage (@ 21" of airspace) and about 163 CFS.  This is low but floatable for the 8 miles stretch from Steel Creek to Kyle's Landing. We strongly recommend that you be an experienced paddler to float this time of year due to the risks of cold-water immersion and hypothermia.  First time to paddle the Buffalo?  Check out our handy "Before You Float" FAQ!

Call for reservations for today! 870.861.5514 We will be launching canoes and kayaks until 12:00pm. 

Keep That Canoe Upright!

New to canoeing?  Build your paddling confidence with our short video of tips on how not to turn over! 

Advance Canoe / Kayak / Raft Reservations

An advance reservation for a canoe, kayak or raft is always a good idea, as springtime float trips are very popular here on the upper Buffalo National River, especially on weekends.  If you are planning to float on a weekend in April, May or June, we encourage you to reserve your boats now as last-minute rentals are usually hard to come by.

Floating With Kids

Check out our helpful "FLOATING SAFETY TIPS" page for some important things to consider before paddling the Buffalo National River with children.  BE AWARE: ARKANSAS LAW REQUIRES that children 12 years old and younger must wear a USCG–approved PFD securely fastened to their persons at all times while on any vessel.   

Buffalo Outdoor Center is authorized within Buffalo National River to provide canoe, kayak and raft rentals and transportation services.

Buffalo River Foundation

Join us in supporting the Buffalo River Foundation's work to protect and preserve the water quality and timeless beauty of America's First National River