Explore the Buffalo National River

Hiking Shuttle Service

Hiking the Buffalo River Trail at the Steel Creek Overlook.

We offer vehicle shuttle services to the Buffalo National River trail accesses listed below. A car shuttle can be arranged for in person by visiting our store. Also, be sure to let us know if we can help you with putting together a hiking itinerary or obtaining Buffalo River maps in advance by contacting us.

Shuttles & Rates

Compton to Centerpoint (Or Reverse) – $52.00

Fallsville to Ponca – $155.00

From Boxley To:

Destination Rate
Ponca $51
Steel Creek $58
Kyles $89
Pruitt $100

From Ponca To:

Destination Rate
Steel Creek $32
Kyles $81
Pruitt (or Kyles to Pruitt) $97

Please note that shuttle rates are subject to change without notice.

A Word About Vehicle Problems:

Vehicle breakdowns that create inordinate staff time to handle or other BOC out-of-pocket-expenses may result in an additional charge. These problems can include flat tire(s), engine or frame issues, inadequate gasoline level, etc.

NOTE: Please let the office staff know if your vehicle is electric so that we can accommodate you accordingly.

Buffalo Outdoor Center is authorized within the Buffalo National River to provide canoe rentals and transportation services.