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Family Vacations

Creating beautiful family vacation memories are at the heart of what we're about–helping Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa all be heroes to the ones they love so dearly. Let us surround your family with great adventures by day and all the comforts of home by night.

Father launching child into water at a swimming hole

No one knows the Buffalo River like BOC and as our guests, your family will receive red-carpet treatment and access to our years upon years of knowledge. We make the difference between an okay family vacation and a truly wonderful one!

Quality Cabins & One Rate Covers Everyone!

Beautiful cabin with gorgeous views. My family stayed two days at the Waterfall Cabin; we wish it were more! Staff was so nice and helpful. Highly recommend!

– Daniel L.

We have several quality log cabin options for families to choose from and that fit a variety of budgets. If you are needing more than one cabin, visit our Cabin Map to learn how which cabins are located near one another. Or, if you need personal assistance, contact us; we’d be glad to help you choose cabins that are the right size and keep you close together. And, because there’s never a per-person charge at BOC, the math is easy as one rate conveniently covers all of your guests.

Check out our handy Before You Arrive page as a great go-to place for essential things to know about staying with us here in Buffalo River country.

Family Adventures

River Fun for Youngsters

For little ones under the age of 6, we suggest taking them to splash at water’s edge, where pretty rocks and sand provide all the adventure a young one needs to stay entertained for hours. Visit our Swimming Holes page for directions to the river accesses we recommend for riverside play.

Zip Line Adventure

Kids on Zip line Your kids will freak (in a good way!) when given the chance to spread their wings and “fly” on our Buffalo River Canopy Tour–a wilderness treetop adventure that also blends in just the right amount of nature interpretive along the way. We feel our guides are among the best in the industry. Not only are they personable, but they are all about safety and helping even the most timid zipper (and sometimes that can be the grownups!) have a great time.

The zipline is for ages 7+, so it’s the perfect adventure for most everyone–from kids to parents to grandparents! (Hey, at this time our oldest zipper is 86!) Learn more about zip line family fun!

Ready to Book?

Book online or contact us. Please note that advance reservations are strongly encouraged if you’re planning to zip on a weekend.

Buffalo River Hiking

Buffalo Outdoor Center is surrounded by Arkansas’ most beautiful hiking trails, featuring waterfalls, scenic views, wildflowers and wildlife. Children, hiking and nature just go together and we’d love to help you find all the Buffalo’s special places that are great for family adventure. Meanwhile, visit our Hiking Trails page for some initial suggestions for family-friendly trails.

Family Canoeing

The Buffalo National River is a natural treasure that every kid should experience. Kudos to you for wanting to bring your family here, and we’re honored that you’d permit us to help you plan a float trip that’s filled with beauty, fun and safety. The river trips we offer place you in the heart of Arkansas’ finest canoeing scenery. We offer canoes, kayaks and, when water level permits, rafts for rent.

Here are some handy links to pages that will help get you started with your float trip planning:

There’s a wealth of information there that’s easy to email family members who may be joining you. And, certainly, contact us for help with planning your family’s canoe trip.

Off-Season Canoeing

Please note that canoe season here on the upper Buffalo River is usually March – June, although rainfall can see us floating into July. If you’re going to be our summertime guest, we can help you arrange for canoeing another section of river that is floatable in July and August.

Swimming Holes

The Ponca area is home to some of the prettiest swimming holes on the Buffalo River, particularly the hole at nearby Steel Creek which features a huge pool and expansive gravel bar to play on. Visit our Swimming Holes page for more information about this oftentimes under appreciated family activity!

Elk Education Center

Across the street from our store is the Elk Education Center, which offers a nice, hands-on wildllife exhibit for kids and grownups alike! The exhibit is free and definitely worth a visit. (Please note the center is open 10am – 4:30pm, Tuesday – Saturday.) Speaking of elk, be sure to take the kids for some elk watching during your stay. Learn more here about where and when to find the elk that live in the Ponca area.

Trail Rides | Caves | Lion & Tiger Refuge | Fishing

Beyond all the wonders to discover here in the Ponca area are some side trips you might consider taking during your stay. Learn more about these activities:

Father and daughter hiking

Local Flavor at the BOC Deli

Although your cabin is equipped with all the utensils and dishes you need to prepare meals, you may want to let someone else do the cooking a time or two during your stay. Our store’s deli features hearty, fresh-made sandwiches (let us pack you a picnic lunch!) and fresh-baked pizza. For a traditional sit-down dinner, our staff can refer you to a quality Jasper or Harrison restaurant.

Affordable Family Reunions

Looking for an Arkansas family reunion location that’s central to the USA, plus, offers a beautiful, comfortable setting and plenty of fun for everyone? Plus, doesn’t give Uncle George heartburn thinking about the price? We’re that place! Whether you book our beautiful RiverWind Lodge, Ponca Creek Lodge or a selection of cabins (or both!), we can help you plan lodging and activities that make family reunions a joy for everyone–from those doing the organizing to those on the guest list. And, if you’d like to explore the idea of catering one or all of your meals, ask our office staff about the terrific chef we resource for quality, hearty and budget-minded meals.