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Cabin Cooking: Tony’s Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Cabin grilling has never been easier OR tastier than this excellent grilled shrimp recipe by our RV Park Manager, Tony Harlan!  The recipe is simple and one you’re likely to reach for time and time again.  It’s perfect as a hearty appetizer or a terrific, easy entree’ for a main meal!

Tony’s flavorful olive oil-based marinade coats the shrimp, which keeps them in great shape as they grill.  For optimum flavor, he highly recommends preparing them over medium-hot coals rather than a gas flame.

For a printable PDF of Tony’s recipe, click here:  TONY’S GRILLED SHRIMP RECIPE

Need some helpful recipe tips?  Catch our video of Tony in top chef form as he grills his shrimp recipe at the scenic Arkansas Cabin!

Click here for FDA recommendations for selecting, serving and storing shellfish.

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