Waterfall Trails

Triple Falls


.5 Miles


A great hike for nature lovers of all ages. The trail itself is only a .5 mile roundtrip hike that offers some grand scenery. With ample rainfall this double fall dawns a third waterfall.

Directions from Ponca

Take HWY 74 East toward Jasper for 9 Miles. Turn left on gravel CR#2300, proceed 1 mile then turn right on CR#2306, continue down (road is steep) for 1.8 miles and cross a small slab, parking is on right.

A hiker takes in the view of Triple Falls.

Trip Highlights

Twin vs Triple

This beautiful waterfall is called “Twin Falls” by some (the sign at Camp Orr officially names it Twin) due to the waterfall being fed by two water sources. Not only is this fall fed by a wet weather creek but also by a spring. During drier times you may still be able to see two shoots of the falls running thanks to the spring, but during optimal wet-season this waterfall has three beautiful streams of water pouring over. Over the years most have began to only refer to the fall as “Triple” because of this, and also to distinguish it from other “Twin” waterfalls around the Ozarks like the one found at Devils Den State Park or within the Richland Creek Wilderness to name a couple.

Triple Falls for Photographers

Photographers will find that both the early morning and late afternoon when the waterfall is in shadow to present the best opportunities for stunning photographs of Triple Falls. Cloudy days are also an ideal time to photograph this waterfall. Note: Bring something to cover and clean your camera gear! Triple Falls tend to create a lot of “spray” when flowing heavily and can soak cameras pretty quickly.

Private Property

Although the falls are open to the public, Camp Orr is a functioning Boy Scout camp and the land is off limits to the public beyond the parking lot at the trailhead.

Be Prepared

The road down into Camp Orr is very steep in areas and can be fairly  rough as well. We’d recommend an AWD vehicle for visiting this location.