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5 Reasons to Love Ponca in the Fall

In any season, the Ponca area and upper Buffalo National River wilderness offer extraordinary outdoor experiences.  However, turn on the fall color and this region rivals anything the Smokies or Appalachians have to offer.  Many of our guests are seasoned travelers with a wide range of outdoor experiences under their travel belts.  So, for them to return to Ponca time after time in the fall speaks highly of our area’s great beauty.  Here are five reasons our guests love coming to Ponca in the fall—reasons that are going to become yours once you’ve experienced this magical place in autumn!



Without a doubt, the most beautiful hiking trails in Arkansas are here, especially when the Ozark Mountains that surround Ponca are graced with fall color.  From family-friendly hikes to those offering a more ambitious adventure, there’s a picture-perfect autumn trail that’s just right for you.  Click here to discover more about the top Buffalo River trails we avidly recommend to our guests.  And, if you’d like to stay within a stone’s throw of all the major trailheads, we’d love to host you in a beautiful rental cabin during your visit.



Bull elk in the Boxley Valley near Ponca, Arkansas during the fall.

You don’t have to travel to Colorado to experience the beauty of a Rocky Mountain elk herd—all you have to do is come to Ponca!  In the fall, Ponca is where you’ll find all the action as majestic bulls battle for herd dominance throughout the Boxley Valley.  Our cabin guests enjoy close proximity to the prime elk-watching areas, where bulls bugle and square off in matches of strength they hope will impress the ladies.  Learn more about where to find Ponca elk in the fall at this link:  Buffalo National River Elk Herd



Whether you’re coming by car, truck or motorcycle, you’ll love the miles and miles of scenic mountain roads to be explored in Newton County, which is where Ponca is located.  This is Arkansas’s largest, yet least populated county, making it a BOC guest favorite for a scenic fall road trip.  Let our staff help you plan a beautiful autumn drive, whether you’re looking for a pleasure cruise on blacktop or a fun-filled backroads adventure.  Coming by bike?  Consider one of our motorcycle-friendly cabins  for a place to hang your helmet during a trip to Ponca.


Autumn mountain views from a BOC tree-top cabin.


It ain’t braggin’ if it’s the truth, right?  Hands down, the best views across the upper Buffalo National River wilderness are to be had from our mountain cabins and RiverWind Lodge.  Guests tell us one of their favorite fall “activities” is taking in the sweeping view across the Ozark Mountains from the bubbling warmth of their cabin’s outdoor hot tub deck.  And, on crisp autumn mornings, there’s nothing more soul refreshing than drinking in the beauty of the mist-filled river valley below from your cabin’s lofty perch.



BOC Hot Tub and Mountain View during fall color.

When you’re in Ponca, you’re worlds away from rush hour traffic, ringing phones and neighbors staring at you from across the yard.  Time slows down here, and our guests tell us they feel worlds away from the stresses of daily of life.  Many of our rental cabins are designed with privacy and seclusion in mind, so if you’re looking for a true fall escape, we invite you to explore our cabins, especially a mountain cabin with a giant view, an outdoor hot tub deck and lots of real estate between you and your neighbor.



There are so many more reasons to love Ponca in the fall; these five are only the beginning.  We’d love to help guide you through planning a fall adventure in Ponca and the upper Buffalo National River wilderness.  To get started, visit some of the helpful links below.  Or, give us a call (870-861-5514) and let’s strike up a conversation about how you’d love to spend fall in Ponca, the home of Arkansas’s most beautiful places!


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