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Buffalo River Cabin Guide: Mountain Breeze Decks, Hot Tubs & More | Buffalo Outdoor Center

A Winter getaway is ideal for many hoping to retreat from the busyness of the holiday season. The crowds are gone, the views are still terrific (if not better), the elk are still visible, And there is plenty to do. To help you getaway quickly we’ve put togeher this handy cabin guide for you, so you can find the one that fits you just right!

Buffalo Outdoor Center cabins are ideal for romantic honeymoons and anniversaries, family vacations, company retreats and class and family reunions, or just a spot to stay during a couple days of exploration in Buffalo River Country. Offering all the convenience and comfort of home with fully-equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, bedrooms that easily accommodate 2 to 36 people, spectacular mountain views and more.

Mountain Top Cabins

Secluded Ozark Mountain top locations with sweeping views of the surrounding wilderness areas. There’s nothing like waking up to have your morning coffee on the decks of these cabins.

A woman with long brown hair enjoying a hot beverage and the view of the Buffalo River country from the cabin deck

Mountain top cabins include:

Mountain Sunrise, Mountain Ecstacy, President’s Cabin, Arkansas Cabin, Mountain Breeze, Balloon Cabin, Mountain Magic, Compton Mountain Cabin, Mountain Sunset, Cabin X, Windridge Cabin, Riverwind Lodge

Hot Tub Cabins

Hot tubs are great anytime of year but there is something extra special about their warm soothing waters on a cool winter day.

A couple in a hot tub located on a cabin deck overlooking Ozark mountains

Hot tub cabins incude:

Mills Cabin, Presidents Cabin, Arkansas Cabin, Hideaway Cabin, Balloon Cabin, Mountain Magic, Mountain Sunset, Cabin X, Riverwind Lodge

Pet Friendly Cabins

Buffalo Outdoor Center is a great place for a family vacation. And your pets are family too! We don’t think that your pets should be stuck at home while you getaway. That’s why we offer a large selection of pet friendly cabins.

Golden retriever dog in a pet-friendly cabin

Pet friendly cabins include:

Cabin #1, Cabin #2, Cabin #4, Crossbow, Songbird, Valley Dream, Mountain Ecstasy, Mills Cabin, Presidents Cabin, Mountain Breeze, Balloon Cabin, Mountain Magic, Windridge Cabin

Couples Cabins

Buffalo River country is a magical place. The beauty of the mountains and serene landscape make it a perfect place for romance. BOC cabins offer the privacy and intimacy you want for your honeymoon or romantic getaway. Watch the sunset or sunrise from your porch with a glass of wine, curl up together in front of the fireplace, or take a dip in an outdoor hot tub. Our cabins have all the amenities you need for a romantic retreat.

Young couple sitting by the fireplace in a cabin in Buffalo River Valley, Arkansas

Couples cabins include:

Valley Dream, Valley Mist, Mountain Sunrise, Mountain Ecstasy Cabin, Hideaway Cabin, Cabin X

Kayaker on a river
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